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Leavers Hoodies

Woman wearing a turqoise blue leavers hoodie with printed "Leavers 2024" in white to front and back.

As the final bell echoes through the corridors, a chapter ends for students everywhere. Leaving school is an important moment in every student's life, and what better way to commemorate this milestone than with a personal touch?

At Tadmark, we believe in capturing these moments, and our Leavers Hoodies are the perfect way to celebrate the memories made.

Why Leavers Hoodies?

Rack of 4 Leavers Hoodie- orange, green, yellow and burgundy with printed white "Leavers 2024" in white vinyl to front left chest.

It's a collective journey, the highs, the lows, and the friendships formed. Leavers Hoodies have become a tradition for students in the UK, across all stages of their education- from primary, middle, secondary, and further. They create a sense of belonging and nostalgia, carrying a piece of their school memories into their next chapter of life.

Finding the Perfect Supplier

4 Folded Leavers Hoodie, pink, airforce blue, purple and charcoal grey, with printed "Leavers 2024" in white to front left chest.

Picking the perfect supplier for your Leavers Hoodies is crucial to making things easy and enjoyable. We take pride in offering a hassle-free process that simplifies the journey of creating memories with every stitch and design.

Designing your Leavers Hoodies

Choose your Canvas

Explore our most popular collection of Leaver styles. From classic to contemporary trends, you can mix & match our range of options to reflect your individuality.

Leaver Hoodie Options- Orange Classic Hoodie, Pink Varsity Hoodie, Green Sweatshirt, Turquoise Zoodie, Dark Navy Varsity Jacket with stripes.

Choose your Design

Select the perfect design for you! Whether you prefer clean and simple text, vibrant full-colour options, or unique placements, we offer a diverse range of design choices. Take your pick from our straightforward selection or go all out with a completely unique and custom design that truly reflects your individual style.

Leaver Hoodie Design Options- 5 options of different style designs to be printed or embroidered on leaver hoodies.

Decoration type- print or embroidery?

When deciding between print and embroidery, cost is a common factor for most customers. Yet, knowing the benefits of each can help you make a smart decision about how long your products will last. Check out our pros and cons list for print & embroidery options.

Pros & Cons list for Leaver Hoodie decoration options.

How to Order

Ordering from us is simple and flexible.

Leaver Hoodie Customised Range

Use our order form for a personalised experience. Select your garment type, colours, sizes, design and any extra decorations. We'll send you a mock-up for approval before proceeding.

Whether you want quick and easy, or a custom touch, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Count on us to be your go-to supplier, weaving memories into every hoodie. It's not just an order; it's the start of a journey down memory lane. So, let's make it happen! Order now and kickstart your story. We're excited to be part of your adventure! 🌟

Contact us

For more information, or any queries please get in touch!

📞 08456 800 823


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